Abducted From My Bed

By Mel


I woke up suddenly with a strange sensation.  Someone was sitting on my chest!  Someone turned on the light, revealing the intruder's figure.  The body was covered in a skin-tight black catsuit, leaving no doubt that it was a woman.  I could see nothing of her face; it was mostly covered in a ski mask, and her eyes seemed to be obscured by something, as if she had a stocking over her head under the mask.


She had her knees each side of me, pulling the bedclothes tight, trapping my arms by my sides.  She put a gloved hand over my eyes and pushed down; with her other hand, she squeezed the sides of my mouth.  Involuntarily, I opened my mouth.  As I did so, someone forced something into it.  There must have been a second intruder.  I almost choked as the large, soft object was forced in, filling my mouth to bursting.  Struggle as I might, I was trapped and unable to resist.


Suddenly, all went black.  They had blindfolded me.  I felt several bits of sticky tape being stuck over my mouth, holding in the gag.  A strip went under my jaw, pulled tight from ear to ear, clamping my mouth shut.


I felt the clothes at the foot of the bed being untucked.  Strong hands gripped an ankle and I felt something cold and hard clipped around it. Then I heard a metallic clang.  My leg was immobilised; it must have been handcuffed to the foot of the bed.  My other ankle was grabbed and the leg was crossed over the other one, then something cold and hard was clipped around my other ankle and there was another clang.  All the time, I was struggling but in vain, and I was thoroughly disoriented by the blindfold.


The first intruder jumped off me and pulled off the bedcovers.  I immediately tried to remove the blindfold, but they grabbed me and turned me over.  That was why they had crossed my legs.  Seizing a wrist each, they forced them behind my back and handcuffed them together.


I was wearing pyjamas.  While one of them held me down, I felt the cold steel as the other one used scissors to cut each leg up to the waist.  The remains of the trousers were pulled away, and then the top was also cut to pieces and removed.  I was now quite naked.


Tape was placed over my nose, sealing my nostrils.  I panicked again, as I thought that I would suffocate.  However, it was then wrenched off.  I winced at the pain.  Then one of the intruders spoke for the first time.  The voice was cold and emotionless.


"You are completely in our power now," she said.  "For your own good, it would be sensible not to resist us."


I felt more tape wrapped around my head, reinforcing the gag.  A hood was placed over my head; it reeked of leather.  Various straps were pulled tight, squeezing my head like a vice.  One over my eyes pressed in the blindfold.  One around my jaw immobilised it further.


"Let us test how well you are silenced."


A line of fire streaked across my bottom.  I tried to scream, but only a vague gurgle emerged.  She was evidently satisfied, as she did not hit me again.


I felt one ankle released, but then immediately fixed to the corner of the bed.  The same happened to the other ankle; my legs were now spread wide.  I was forced to my knees, and then my head was pushed back down onto the bed.


"This is supposed to be done gently and with lots of lubricants, but we can't be bothered."


My puzzlement about this soon ended when I felt pressure on my bottom, and something started to make its way inside me.  I had heard of butt plugs, but never imagined that I would ever have one inside me.  I was in no position to prevent them as it made its slow, agonising way deeper and deeper inside.  It must have been huge, and I felt certain that it would rupture me.  Yet somehow it went in, and I felt my strained and tortured muscles suddenly contract, holding it in.  It felt so enormously heavy.  What was it made of?


Once this was done, they dropped me flat on the bed again.  Several turns of tape were wrapped tightly around my fingers, paralysing them.  My hands were pressed together, and more tape welded them into one lump.  My elbows were pressed together.  I felt a knee pressing between my shoulder blades, and my shoulders were pulled back.  Eventually, with considerable effort, they got my elbows to touch.  More tape kept them pressed together.


My legs were released, but tight ropes around my knees and ankles kept them pressed together.  Miniature handcuffs were put around my big toes.  My wrists and ankles were lifted.  I was contorted until my wrists touched my knees; they were tied together, forcing me to arch my back.  Then, while one of them lifted my head, the other forced my ankles up and back until they were above my cruelly bound elbows.  A rope was fixed to the back of my hood, and the other end went round my ankles, constraining me like a human pretzel.  Another rope went from the handcuffs on my toes to the hood, forcing my feet to bend like a ballerina's on her tiptoes.


Now that I was thoroughly secure and barely able to move, let alone struggle, they picked me up and carried me out.  I was thrown down onto a carpeted floor.  Doors slammed, and an engine started.  I was in a van, being taken away to who knew where.


The van sped off.  Each time it turned a corner, I rolled across the van.  Unable to use my arms, I kept bumping painfully into things.  And as I rolled, that huge horrid heavy thing inside me moved around and pressed on different parts of me.


Finally, the nightmare journey was over.  The van stopped and I was carried out.  I was placed on a soft surface, maybe a bed.  Hands massaged my breasts.  Then two pairs of soft lips started sucking on my nipples.  Despite myself, I felt my nipples grow hard.  Suddenly, a sharp pain shot through my left nipple as a clip was fastened on it; the clip's sharp teeth dug in.  Once again, my scream was reduced to a gurgle.  The same happened to my right nipple.


The same voice as before spoke, but this time it was full of glee.


"You certainly won't enjoy what happens next, but we shall."



To be, perhaps, continued…


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